Quality Indicators

The Department of Education has developed a self-evaluation indicator framework which is included in the guidance document to assist in assessing compliance with the policy and to help in action planning. This is also available to download below.

Quality Indicators

Quality Indicators (Irish Version)

The CRED ‘Audit Tool for Schools’ include indicators of effective performance, based on ESaGS Policy characteristics and identified in DE’s CRED Guidance pp 22-24. Schools may choose to use the alternative Quality Indicator Framework identified in Annex 3 of the Guidance, or alternatively, to develop their own audit tool based on relevant quality indicators identified in ETI’s Together Towards Improvement’.

CRED School Audit Tool

The CRED ‘Audit Tool for Youth’ will support youth settings in auditing CRED provision using the indicators of effective performance that are identified in DE’s CRED Guidance pp 33-35.

CRED Youth Audit Tool

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