CRED Policy

The CRED Policy

The main thrust of the Department’s Community Relations, Equality and Diversity policy is to contribute to improving relations between communities by educating children and young people to develop self respect and respect for others, by providing children and young people, in formal and non formal education settings, with opportunities to build relationships with those of different backgrounds and traditions within the resources available.

The objectives of the policy are:

  • Ensure that learners, at each stage of their development, have an understanding of and respect for the rights, equality and diversity of all without discrimination; and
  • Educate children and young people to live and participate in a changing world, so that they value and respect difference and engage positively with it, taking account of the ongoing intercommunity divisions arising from conflict and increasing diversity within our society; and
  • Equip children and young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop mutual understanding and recognition of, and respect for, difference.

The Department, in conjunction with ELB’s and Northern Ireland Youth Council has developed guidance for education settings to assist with implementation of the policy.

CRED Policy

CRED Policy (Irish Version)


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