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Moving Ahead with CRED

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Published: 05 NOVEMBER 2014

Moving Ahead with CRED

This course was designed t—o support teachers in developing their capacity to implement the CRED Policy.

The powerpoint was used during a 2 day CRED course.  During this course teachers were supported to:

—Enhance their understanding of the CRED Policy;

—Develop understanding of the four key CRED concepts; and

—Have an increased understanding of the challenges relating to implementing  the CRED policy.


~ One training day (6 hours)

~ Two follow-up sessions (2 hours x 2)


~ Understanding of CRED Policy

~ Personal Challenge

~ Professional challenge

~ Consideration of whole school/organisation implications

The powerpoint can be used by Senior Leaders and/or coordinators in schools to raise further awareness and deepen the understanding of CRED in their school.


Moving Ahead with CRED



Moving Ahead with CRED

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