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BELB-Migrant Awareness Training

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Published: 04 NOVEMBER 2014


Migrant Awareness Training is a half-day workshop designed by South Belfast Roundtable and BCC Good Relations Unit.
It is an interactive session which explores inward and outward migration and the rights of migrant workers in Northern Ireland. It aims to dispel myths and provide practical information on issues relating to migration.

This course will be facilitated by the Roundtable on Racism.

Course Cost: FREE

Course 1: morning Course

Wednesday 12th November 2014 – 9am – 1pm @ Training Room, Finaghy Youth Centre

Course 2: Evening Course

Tuesday 21st October 2014 – 5.30pm – 9pm @ Training Room, Finaghy Youth Centre

This course is open to all full-time and part-time youth work staff and volunteers.

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