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BELB-Ending Hate in our Communities Training Workshop

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Published: 04 NOVEMBER 2014


This course aims to give participants an understanding of the extent of bias, harassment and hate crimes in their community and the impact of this on those targeted.  It also offers practical skills to help youth workers respond to and prevent Hate Crime.

This course will be facilitated by the Roundtable on Racism and BELB staff.

Both Jim Weir (Inclusion Team) and Anita Duff (SYW South Belfast Area Project) have completed this training.  Please feel free to contact them if you want to know a little more about what the course entails.

Course Cost: FREE

Course 1: morning Course

Thursday 2nd October 2014 – 9am – 1pm @ Training Room, Finaghy Youth Centre

This course has been postponed due to low numbers applying.  If staff members which to complete it they should submit application forms and when we have sufficient numbers a further date will be organised.

Course 2: Evening Course

Thursday 6th November 2014 – 5.30pm – 9pm @ Training Room, Finaghy Youth Centre

This course is open to all full-time and part-time youth work staff and volunteers.

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